Today blog is the final blog of our this series and this final one is Indian god of fire Agni from my country and i know pretty much about it so Agni is the god of fire in India specially famous in south India and it represents fire and other four elemental god represents air, earth, water and space and on them I will upload blog one day. In ancient Hindu mythology he represented on three levels fire on Earth, lightning in atmosphere and sun in the sky and this god is mostly get along with Indra(Indian god of lightning) and Soma(Indian god of moon) and Agni is very famous god in Indian culture but do you know it even get represents in anime name blue exorcist.

First reference ever

Agni first ever reference was Puranas. It is a book which consist of tales and information about Indian gods and legends. Agni was the first son of Brahma(Indian god of knowledge) and in Visnu Purana it is said that Agni jump from the mouth of the cosmic man known as Virat Purusha and that how he borns but in another version of Puranas it is mentioned that he was created from the ritual fire Vasubharya(daughter of light) wife of Dharma(eternal law) and another thing that in Visnu Purana Agni refereed as Abhimani and which one is correct that is up to you that what do you think.

Agni wife

It is believed to be that according to Vedas Agni married to goddess Svaha who represents ash, afterlife and marriage in Hindu mythology and it shows the power which cannot be burned by Agni and in many illustrations they can be seen together as couples but the another twist is that it is also being said that with goddess Svaha he even marries to the male god of moon Soma which we discussed earlier but it is not like it is referred as a major thing or anything and from many sources you will find Svaha mostly rather than Soma but is is true that they are closely related, but what do you think.

Soma, Agni and Indra relation

In Hindu mythology indeed they have great connection with each other you will find that Indra is the fire generator while Agni is the go of fire and they both created together the edible food grass seeds while Soma helps to create food by producing meat and this is how they related because when you will see this in one logic you will see that they produce the food for herbivorous and carnivorous and you can say that they makes eco-system possible and you will find more about them in other sources which we will discuss in next section.

Sources to know more about Agni

There are many sources to know more about Agni and first one is Puranas because it was the first literature work which referred Agni as we discussed earlier and you may know more about his birth and you can go with Vedas to know again more which refers about relationship of Soma and Indra and with his wife Svaha and there are other many religious books and for some you can visit temples in South India. So that's all for today and with this our this series finally ends and i appreciate you to read this and i hope you enjoy this and see you later in next blog or series!!


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