Are Olympian gods real?

Whenever we hear of Olympian gods some questions come to our mind like do they exist? where they went and such kinds of questions and in this blog, we will answer all those questions so stay tuned!

Olympian gods are real or not is a debate but there is an answer to it and to understand you need to be a bit rational and logical. Olympian gods belong to Greek mythology and their behavior is quite similar to us meaning normal human beings in their stories mostly you will find the emotions like jealousy and anger while many philosophers like Plato defined god as one supreme being who is the definition of perfection not like us and that's why many Greek people worship Christianity rather than their own religion.

Many people of Greece started to worship Christianity because this religion fulfilled all the requirements of god while on the other hand their own gods don't and that's led to change and many Philosophers like st. Augustine questions that if they are gods then why they always behave more like a human than gods.

The final conclusion is that Olympian gods never existed and there is not even any record that can prove that gods have left the world or they finished in some catastrophe Christianity is a religion that takes place of Olympian gods and personally I think Christianity defines gods really in much better and appropriate way than Greek mythology.


Source of my information

This is a video from the youtube channel mythology and fiction explained this video timeline is 4 minutes 35 seconds in English language and even with subtitles. You can watch this video if you have any hard time reading or understanding my blog and tell me comments on how can I improve please and thanks for reading.

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