Asmodeus who represents lust in seven deadly sins and known as Ashmedai in Jewish legend, and he is known as one of the prince of demons and other Asmodeus and Asmedai this demon has many other names also like Asmodevs, Ashema Deva and by many other fancy names. There is a book deuterocanonical book of Tobit and this Asmodeus is shown as villain or antagonist and what is represent there we will discuss later and in today's day Asmodeus is very famous figure and he get represented n many anime shows like "Welcome to demon school Iruma-kun" and "Seven deadly sins".

First reference ever

Asmodeus first time represent ever was in the apocryphal book of Tobit which is also known as deuterocanonical book of Tobit as even in above section and and according to it Asmodeus fall in love with Sarah who was the daughter of angel Raguel and Lucifer was desperate to have her and he killed the seven husbands of Sarah continuously in a row and that's why Raguel instructed to Tobias and Tobias succeeded to kill Asmodeus and that's why it was mention in first section that he was represent as villain or antagonist and at one point it even shows why he was the demon of lust because you can see how desperately he was behind Sarah and this is tory which made him most famous.

Asmodeus appearance

Asmodeus appearance maybe you people have guess through above image actually it is believed that he looks that way that image is not just an illustration and in brief he has three heads and a serpent tail and cock legs just as same as chicken and has tail and neck of dragon and he rides on a lion and his all three heads are different one with man spitting fire and one with bull face and one of with sheep ans he has even wings and these animal represent lust, revenge and lascivity(showing or having sexual desires).

Asmodeus as demon of lust

I think lust is most dangerous from seven deadly sins than any other ones because maybe lust can make you do things which you don't want to or maybe it can turn into some addiction or sometimes it can led to disease and I hope everyone is understanding what I am saying and maybe if in public due to lust you did something awful and you became shameful and do you can see that with lust you get shame and maybe your mind will gt toxic and you will distract from other things and maybe you end up doing a crime or something inhuman and that's why it is most dangerous sin from all seven.

Books to know more about Asmodeus

The first book to know more about Asmodeus and come in mind for recommendation is apocryphal book of Tobit which referred Asmodeus first time ever and here you will story in brief and may get to know more and some books related to Jewish mythology may helps because he is Jewish legend after all and some anime with reference of Asmodeus which are welcome to demon school of Iruma-kun, seven deadly sins and there are many more and one thing that seven deadly sins has represent every sins and even had a book of it which is known as manga and many of you may definitely know about it.

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