Who is Beelzebub?

Beelzebub is a famous demon who is known as one of the kings of hell and he is also one of from seven deadly sins and he represent gluttony(excessive in eating anything). Beelzebub is the name which is derived from Philistine god(Philistine were the people who used to live on the south coast of Canann in ancient period) and get used to worshiped in Ekron(A Philistine city) and then get popular between Christian, Islam and Judaism too with a reputation of famous demon. This name Beelzebub is related with Cannanite(Cannanite religion were the group of semistic religions who were worshipped by Cannanite living in the ancient Levant) and with another god named Baal(owner or lord in nothwest Semitic region language) and it is called that Beelzebub is another name for Satan.

First reference ever

The first reference of Beelzebub was ever in book of kings of a Hebrew Bible and in first section you may read that it is Philistine deity and this term is actually from this book called book of kings and according to book the meaning of Beelzebub means the lord of flies or you can say ruler of flies and if you will read it's name then you will easily notice that it consist of bee which is a insect so this things is really relevant and as we know the name is associated with Baal which means owner or lord so this word may point towards this reference. It is suggested that there is a relationship between Philistine god and cults of flies where they are refer to as pests, feasting on waste matter and this all appears in hellenic word such as Zeus Apomyios or Myiagros(Myiagros is a divine word for ward off flies in ancient Greek religion).

Beelzebub as seven deadly sins

In seven deadly sins Beelzebub represent the gluttony which means excessive in eating but it depends on eating what because anything excessive could be dangerous as for most basic example excessive eating can cause some diseases though for a big reference if you have way too money in excessive amount and you suddenly lost can you imagine what kind of turn life could take so thus this is how Beelzebub represent the seven deadly sins and how it could be dangerous and he is also known as Satan who represent wrath and Satan is know to be Lucifer who represent pride so do all from seven deadly sins is one and for at last in Bible it is written as Beelzebub cause all the sins happened by gluttony.

Why Beelzebub is known as Satan

The way in which Satan is known to be as a Lucifer or devil in same way Beelzebub get called Satan this all get linked by pharisees which is a religion come under Judaism in Judaism the name doesn't refer to person but rather difficulty to overcome. The old Testament use name Beelzebub to speak about the god of Ekron as we discussed in first section until the the name Satan for Beelzebub never get used so basically the Jews are the one who linked the Beelzebub and Satan.

Some books to know more about Beelzebub

As for always the Bible comes first for gaining the knowledge of most of the demons from it read the book of kings(2 kings 1:2-3,6, 16) this is the exact one and this from Bible and you can read the old Testament where you will know about the Philistine deity, Ekron and much more and there are some books on seven deadly sins which will tell you about gluttony and please don,t get confused with seven deadly sins manga(Japanese comic).

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