Belphegor is last from seven deadly sins and he represents sloth which means laziness and this demon is also known as one of seven princes of hell with Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Asmodeus and Mammon on which I separately uploaded blogs. Belphegor is a demon from Bible and this demon is known for motivating the people with like by making some invention they will become rich and something like that so basically he motivated people for various things and it is believed that he is a major demon from seven deadly sins and he primarily represents laziness and there is even a animal named sloth on basis of it who is known as laziest animal on planet.

First reference ever

Belphegor first referred ever was Bible because he is from Christian demonology where he helps people make discoveries and inventions and in today time when people heard it's name a demon on toilet-seat comes in mind because it is believed that he is send to Earth by devil on many missions by Devil and he got worship on toilet(very strange) and actually there is not much mention about Belphegor and you can say hat he is somewhat underrated than other seven deadly sins and on about his appearance he is demon with long nose and long beard and he has tail with pointed end and long feet with long nails and he has horns and he is naked and with his one hand he has holding his tail and that's all about reference and appearance.

Can you trust on Belphegor

Earlier we discussed that he motivated people for making discoveries and inventions but he is demon after all can you really trust on him actually it is truth that he make people make discoveries but earlier every demon from seven deadly sins by following nothing was profit and Belphegor represents seven one of the deadly sins which is laziness and laziness stops you from growing and he may motivates for inventions and discoveries and will make you rich and after that you will start to become lazy yourself and your growth will stop in your life in your productivity and maybe after you may lead to face many consequences in form of other seven from deadly sins so by this conclusion you should know that he represents one seven deadly sins after all be alert!!(That be alert was just for fun and it's meaning is rely on yourself).

More to know about Belphegor

Belphegor is somewhat underrated demon and he has not much popularity like other kings of hell and there is some series made on Belphegor which you can watch there is series of 1965 with 4 episodes and each episode duration is 70 minutes there is series of 2001 also and he refers in many anime like seven deadly sins and in many games also and about book you may find more in Bible with other demons.

Seven deadly sins series end

This was last blog post for this series and this was my first blogging series ever and this was my fun experience and all the people who read this all blogs or even one of them I really appreciate them and I hope you will give me suggestions that how can i be better and I will put efforts too and I hope you find this information reliable and different from other websites and in future I will improve again and again thanks for visiting!!


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