After reading this blog you will know everything about the 2022 Fifa world including news, matches, schedule, venues, and my prediction for each and every match and even for the final so let's get it!

Teams qualify

In this world cup, 32 teams have qualified as always and some new teams even qualify and they are Qatar (hosting country), Ecuador, Netherlands, U.S.A (united states of America), Canada, Switzerland, Cameroon, Ghana meaning a total of 8 new countries qualify to compare to the previous world cup and some teams yet qualify but we will know soon.

In the below image there is a list of all the teams that qualify for this world cup and teams like Spain, France, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Portugal are also on this list so take your time and have a look at the below image.

Schedule and matches

Fifa world cup 2022 is going to begin on the 21st of November and will run up to the 18th of December and will divide into 3 rounds in the first round, each of 32 teams will play 3 matches with selected teams and then based on the results 16 will eliminate based on ranking and second will be round of 16 where teams will compete for the quarter-final and 8 will proceed and then semi-final and then a match for third place and then final on 18th of December.

The opening day matches on the21st of November will be:-

  1. Senegal vs Netherlands -> Prediction: Senegal

  2. England vs Iran -> Prediction: England

  3. Qatar vs Ecuador -> Prediction: Qatar

Matches on the 22nd of November will be:-

  1. USA vs Wales -> Prediction: Wales

  2. Argentina vs Saudi Arabia -> Prediction: Argentina

  3. Denmark vs Tunisia -> Prediction: Tunisia

  4. Mexico vs Poland -> Prediction: Poland

Matches on the 23rd of November will be:-

  1. France vs team yet to qualify

  2. Morocco vs Croatia -> Prediction: Croatia

  3. Germany vs Japan -> Prediction: Germany (supporting Japan)

  4. Spain vs team yet to qualify

Matches on the 24th of November will be:-

  1. Belgium vs Canada -> Prediction: Belgium

  2. Switzerland vs Cameroon -> Prediction: Switzerland

  3. Uruguay vs South Korea -> Prediction: Uruguay

  4. Portugal vs Ghana -> Prediction: Portugal

Matches on the 25th of November will be:-

  1. Brazil vs Serbia -> Prediction: Brazil

  2. Wales vs Iran -> Prediction: Iran

  3. Qatar vs Senegal -> Prediction: Senegal

  4. Netherlands vs Ecuador -> Prediction: Netherlands

Matches on the 26th of November will be:-

  1. England vs USA -> Prediction: England

  2. Tunisia vs team yet to qualify

  3. Poland vs Saudi Arabia -> Prediction: Poland

  4. France vs Denmark -> Prediction: France

Matches on the 27th of November will be:-

  1. Argentina vs Mexico -> Prediction: Argentina

  2. Japan vs team yet to qualify

  3. Belgium vs Morocco -> Prediction: Belgium

  4. Croatia vs Canada -> Prediction: Croatia

Matches on the 28th of November will be:-

  1. Spain vs Germany -> Prediction: Spain

  2. Cameroon vs Serbia -> Prediction: Serbia

  3. South Korea vs Ghana -> Prediction: South Korea

  4. Brazil vs Switzerland -> Prediction: Brazil

Matches on the 29th of November will be:-

Portugal vs Uruguay -> Prediction: Portugal

Ecuador vs Senegal -> Prediction: Senegal

Netherlands vs Qatar -> Prediction: Qatar

Matches on the 30th of November will be:-

  1. Iran vs USA -> Prediction: Iran

  2. Wales vs England -> Prediction: England

  3. Tunisia vs France -> Prediction: France

  4. Denmark vs team yet to qualify

Matches on the 1st of December will be:-

  1. Poland vs Argentina -> Prediction: Poland

  2. Saudi Arabia vs Mexico -> Prediction: Mexico

  3. Croatia vs Belgium -> Prediction: Belgium

  4. Canada vs Morocco -> Prediction: Canada

Matches on the 2nd of December will be:-

  1. Japan vs Spain -> Prediction: Spain

  2. Germany vs team yet to qualify

  3. South Korea vs Portugal -> Prediction: Portugal

  4. Ghana vs Uruguay -> Prediction: Uruguay

Matches on the 3rd of December will be:-

Serbia vs Switzerland -> Prediction: Switzerland

Cameroon vs Brazil -> Prediction: Brazil

These will be the matches of the first round and then the top 16 teams will qualify further personally I want Portugal to win and you may know the reason why.

Venues of matches

Qatar is the host country and all the matches will take place in stadiums in Qatar the Stadiums are:-

  1. Al Bayt stadium

  2. Khalifa international stadium

  3. Al Thumama stadium

  4. Ahmad Bin Ali stadium

  5. Lusail stadium

  6. Stadium 974

  7. Education city stadium

  8. Al Janoub stadium


This is all you need to know about Fifa world cup 2022 if you have any queries then please comment and I will upload another blog based on your queries or I will reply to you through comments I just hope you may have gotten some quality data and really this takes so much effort so please like it.

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