Hi guys, I am a f2p Genshin Impact player and I am going to share my experiences so far I have experienced my favorite things and all those things, and this game was the first high-graphics game I have ever played on PC.

Genshin Impact introduction

Those people who have heard of this game first time should definitely go through this first that what Genshin's impact is and everything about it.

Genshin impact is an RPG game and it means a role-playing-game game this kind of game is very popular in East-Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and so many other countries and basically, you play the game and progress by playing a particular character and your character in games this could be Aether or Lumine.

This game is developed by Chinese gaming company Hoyoverse and when this game launched on 28th December company's name was Mihoyo this game is constantly upgrading and the latest version is 2.7 and the current game size is 35.70 GB on pc and nearly 14.50 GB on android and ios as of 2022 25th June when I am uploading blog.

This game has great animation and you can play between 30 to 60fbps with every upgrade new characters and quests come for you and want to know about the game then follow their Youtube channel with 5milllion subscribers, and available in many languages but the below one is for English.

Genshin impact English channel :-> https://www.youtube.com/c/GenshinImpact

Difference between f2p and non-f2p players and experience

Actually, this game is a pretty big universe here you can use real-life money to buy Genshin currency and this will help you to get the character you want.

F2p means the one who doesn't use money or top-up for buying currency but they earn in-game through various things and on their hand non-f2p invest with real money and sometimes even 1000 dollars in and this game is very addicting.

About my experience

My experience as a f2p is very good and actually, it doesn't change a lot whether you are f2p or not but there is one thing and that is when you pull for a character there are ultimately fewer chances that you will get a five-star character and when you got it the happiness will make you jump from your gaming chair and happiness will be immense.

When you have already pulled for five-star character many times but still don't get any then suddenly out of blue you saw the golden light and got a five-star then that happiness is immense and you will totally relate to the many achievements you got through hard work and this will even help you to build patience within you.

If you are a non-f2p player then the road is ahead is easier for you because you will be with five-star characters, and weapons and you can level up easily but things may different if you wish on the standard banner.

My best experience with the game

My best experience with games is coop with other players actually you can game in both single-player and multiplayer modes but there are some limitations but anyway coop with other players helps you a lot to progress in-game and you will even make some friends.

your friendliest can up to 45 members and I have currently 10 friends ad some of them are very friends of me from countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and the even Maldives and from which countries player will be it all depends on the server you choose well I play in Asian server and there are many like American, European and Hong Kong.

You should welcome other player and you can even enter players other people's worlds if your world level is enough for their world and it can happen sometimes like they would come to you for some help, stuff, or fishing and that's why never think that they are just using you and that's all I want to tell about coop mode.

Conclusion of this blog

The conclusion of this blog is that it encourages you to play the game and tell you about experiences you will get in-game and will even help you to make friends please don't ask them a question like their age much please and want to tell you that Genshin impact music collection is also very good and if you want to download the game and click the link below.

Genshin impact download link:-> https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/

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