Origin and intro

Hades is the fourth Olympian god who is publish on this site and brother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia and Demeter. Hades is the god of underworld and god of the dead also known as Pluto means this god is a little bit of dark mention in Greek mythology, he got underworld when his brothers divided the Cosmos which means universe and he was even involved in war of titans means old Olympian gods where he defeated his father Cronus with Zeus and Poseidon and they won. Hades is even mentioned in Bible which is the holy book of Christian where he mentioned as a place or state of departed spirits means spirit who are on journey. Hades wife is Persephone who is Greek goddess of Vegetation and she is also the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and it is even considered that Hades is even powerful than Zeus but actually Zeus is better at leading and ruling and that's why he is the king, and that's all about origin and intro.

First reference ever

About reference the Olympians reference begins at the start of Greek mythology which was around 3500 years ago and this all was derived from the tales of Minoan civilization which is around 5000 years old and this how every Olympian gets their first reference and it is same for Hades, though the another thing can be added here about Hades that he was mentioned as Pluto by Greeks around 5th century and this how Pluto came in reference and by the way Pluto means the wealthy one. I would like to tell you that Hades is considered to be the eldest son of Rhea and Cronus and we will discuss about it properly in next section so let's move to it.

Story of how Hades freed by Zeus

If you have read my Zeus blog then you may know that Cronus was the leader of titans and he was fated to be defeated by one of his children and that's why he ate all his children whoever born but when Zeus born Rhea send him to Gaia replace him with a rock and thus how he saved but later in war with titans he made Cronus regurgitated all the kids he had swallowed with the special herb and with this Hades was freed by Zeus from Cronus, and later Zeus with his brothers defeated titans and overthrew them in the depths of Tartarus(deepest region in Earth). By the way Hades is the eldest child of Rhea and Cronus and middle child is Poseidon and youngest one is Zeus.

Facts about Hades underworld

Hades is the king of underworld and also the king of dead and there are lot interesting things about underworld and about his properties there and let's discuss them in these section. Hades got the underworld when cosmos was divided among his brothers which you may know and underworld is divided into three realms which are Tartarus, the Asphodel meadows and Elysium another interesting thing is that he has a three-headed guard dog in underworld called as Cerberus which is even mentioned in Harry Potter series and the last fact is that underworld has five rivers, but the thing which surprise me most is that he loves peace and violence. Please let me know which fact was most interesting to you in comments section.

Sources with reference of Hades

Telling about sources with reference of Hades well there are so many, but as ever i will recommend to read the books related to mythologies to know more about these beings. So the first source is a video game Hades which was released in 2018 developed by supergiant games and this is a action dungeon game and this game is available for only windows, macos and consoles like ps4, ps5 and xbox. Fairy tail is a anime series where you will find the character named Hades who is not described as god but his shown as a strong magician and by the way this series has 328 episodes and more are yet to come.That's all for today, and i really appreciate if you read up to here, and will see you later.

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