Origin and intro

Hera is one of the 12 Olympian gods who is the goddess of women, childbirth ,marriage and,

she is consider to be the queen of gods in Greek mythology whose father and mother are Cronus and Rhea, and she is the one of the 7 wives of Zeus and even his sister and his longest standing wife, and her children with Zeus are Ares(consider as her favorite), Eileithyia, Hebe, Enyo, Hephaestus, Charites, Eris and on all of them i will write a personalize blog someday. Hera is very short-tempered goddess like her husband and she is very powerful and you can see this because of this thing that people of Greece prays to her for protection while childbirth and even while marriages, and she considered to be really sacred and that's all about origin and intro.

First reference

As we discussed in our previous blogs that every Olympian god is same that they began in starting of Greek mythology and this stories were adapted from tales of Minoan civilization who are nearly 5000 years old and Greek mythology nearly 3500 years old and that is same for even Hera, so i decided to add something more and i want to tell you one thing that in next section we are talking about Hephaestus rage against his mother that why he was angered from his mother, and what was the conclusion and many more about that so let's head to next section.

Hephaestus rage against Hera

The reason of Hephaestus for rage against Hera was that she rejected him when he born because according to her she was ugly and as we discussed earlier that she was short-tempered in nature and that's why she thrown him out of mount of Olympus and he fell in sea near island Lemnos, and that's why he planned for revenge and he came back and trapped his mother Hera after that many other Olympian gods came to convinced him and even said that they will offer a place in Heaven to him but he didn't listen, but eventually he got convinced by his friend Dionysus who is the god of wine and festivity in Greek mythology who got him drunk and later he makes all good with Hera. I personally think that this conclusion was right because even Hephaestus got revenge and Hera learned her lesson.

Hera jealousy to other women and seduction of Zeus

This topic is interesting because it tells that even gods get jealous, and about Hera jealousy actually she was used to jealous from other wives of Zeus because sometimes he used to spent more time with them than her and she used to spent her time spying on Zeus in mount Olympus to check Zeus relation with other women and when her jealousy level reached on its peak then she even tried to punish other women and children of Zeus. I would like to tell you even the seduction of Zeus in war with titans actually at that time in war with titans Zeus strictly ordered other gods not to interfere in war and that's why Hera seduces Zeus with the help of Aphrodite(Another Olympian god) and put him into a sleep so that other gods could interfere they won the war, but maybe this was the attraction point which impressed Zeus toward Hera.

Sources with reference and more info about Hera

If we are talking about references, and info then there is no better than Greek mythology books and another good reference is the movie named the mundane goddess where the queen of gods in Greek mythology existed among modern day humans and maybe you will know something more, or else you will get a pack of entertainment, and may anything else and this movie has rating of 6.2, and actually i haven't watched this movie yet, so i would like to listen your thoughts about it, and i hope that i will get honest reviews, and that's all for today,and i really appreciate if you have read up to here, and thanks for reading, see you later in next blog until then takes care!!

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