Origin and intro

Hestia is one of the 12 Olympian gods and she is also known as the virgin goddess and even maiden goddess because she was the one never married to anyone or either performed any sexual intercourse with anyone. She is the sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and daughter of the Cronus and Rhea. She is the goddess of Hearth which means a concrete place in front of fire or place where usually fire is used for things like cooking like in ancient Europe. Hestia is really importance goddess because she maintains hearth in mount Olympus(place where Olympians lives) and in home of Greek gods and she represented nearly every thing in life of common housewife. About her personality she is known to be as very calm and kind goddess and she chose a life for herself which don't include marriage that's why she is known to be the maiden goddess and her life even don't consist wild adventures either by which you can easily say that how calm goddess she is, and that's all about origin and intro.

First reference ever

Olympians area major deity in Greek mythology of gods and they were very first to mention after titans and Greek mythology began around 3500 years and this all was adapted from the stories of Minoan civilization and they used to exist around 5000 years. I have mentioned this thing for all other Olympians too and if you haven't read them yet then please visit them and devilinfo will grateful to you and that's all about first reference ever. Next section is going to be interested because there we are going to talk about that how Hestia refused both Apollo and Poseidon though they wanted to marry her and now let's jump to it.

Hestia refusal to Apollo and Poseidon

Though Hestia was maiden goddess Apollo (son of Zeus and nephew of Hestia) and Poseidon(brother of Hestia) both deities fall in love in love with Hestia and they tried to approach her and asked her hand for marriage but Hestia was the one who chose her life without marriage and that's she went to Zeus who considered to be the strongest in Olympians god and you will find a blog on him also on my site, so then she told him all the situation to Zeus and she saved herself from Apollo and Poseidon and i want to tell you that Zeus even gave her high honor and among all mortal men she is the chief goddess and this is how Hestia remains maiden forever and that's all about her refusal to Apollo and Poseidon. Next section we will talk about the topic which may not seem interesting to some people among you and if you disappoint them please comment.

Hestia in anime "Danmachi"

Actually i am writing this section because in my every blog in last section i write about the sources with reference of gods or mythical creature on which blogs are base on but i decide this time i will upload a big section on a particular big reference. Danmachi is a Japanese television series released in 2015 consist of three seasons with 37 episodes and 3 ova(original video adaptation) and this anime follows the story of boy named Bell Cranel who lives in the world where gods and humans lives in parties and works together for living and our protagonist Bell lives with Hestia with not good economic condition but slowly many changes happens and development and i will strongly recommend you to watch this series, and this is the best time to watch it because fourth season is going to come.\

Thanks for reading and giving your time

I really appreciate if you read up to here and thanks for giving your precious time on my blog and on my website and soon another blog will be published means more content is coming for you and if you are not satisfy with something then let me know in the comments or though contacts and nothing but least i want to tell you that Percy Jackson is another series with reference of Hestia, and that's all for today.

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