Krampus is a demon which belongs from center and eastern Alps mountain and it is a horn demon who believes to punish children on Christmas who behave bad whole year with their parents where Santa Claus is famous for giving gifts to good children while Krampus is with reputation to punish children with birch rods(It is a punishment where a person buttocks get usually beaten with branches of birch). A famous legendary European figure Saint Nicholas is believed to visit with Krampus to home of misbehaved children and there is also a movie made on it in 2015 named as "Krampus" and sometimes even parents used Krampus to make their kid well-behaved in European and other western countries. It is believed that Krampus and Saint Nicholas visits on 5th December evening for punishment.

First reference ever

Krampus first reference is itself the Alps mountain and European and according to a legend it is believed that he is the son of Hel and Hel is believed to as ruler of place Hel or hell where people go after death in Norse mythology. It is believed that rather than beating kids Krampus also took them to hell and on 6th December kids wake to take their gifts or to find nurse to cure their injuries. Catholic church tried to ban him many times but now he is so popular and it is believed that some people also worship Krampus so their children's remain safe and you can guess his popularity by that he also printed on Austrian postcard in 1910.

Krampus appearance

The common stereotype that how Krampus may look is that he has long brown or black color hairs, he has goat horns and he has fangs and he has long tongue which rolls out from his mouth and when he is near you ca hear his footsteps which are like any normal human being but when you will see him you will notice that he has birch tree branches to beat you that's how most people believed that he looked and some even believe that he uses flesh mask of Santa as a disguise and another thing that as many people believe Santa lives in north pole with same trust people believe that Krampus lives in south pole.

Krampus movie

As discussed before a movie is made upon Krampus in 2015 named "Krampus" itself which is a Hollywood film which was made up with a budget of 15 million dollars and earns a revenue of 61.5 million dollars means total of 46.5 million dollars profit and it was made to promote Christmas where story plot is like a boy named Max has some quarrel and disagreement with his family and they decided not to celebrate Christmas which wakens Krampus and made him to visit his home to punish Max and his family and it has duration of 1 hours and 38 minutes and rating of 6.2 on imdb and 79% people liked this film and you can enjoyed it with family or your kids.

Some books to get more info about Krampus

Before any book I will recommend to watch this movie because between knowledge entertainment is important. So first book is The Krampus and the old, Dark Christmas which you can find on amazon and you may not get any information in books like Bible and the Old Testament because there is not a single reference of Krampus in it but you can find it in books of Norse mythology and you ca get even information about Saint Nicholas too and I will upload blog on him also someday.

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