Today's blog will help you a lot because I am going to tell you how I started to learn things like web development and why you need proper ways to learn things just read this blog and you will learn most of the things about how to learn.

What should be your motive?

When I started to learn to program when I was 13 I used to think that I will create a lot of software and will profit in millions and I just have to bear it until then and when I started to learn it most of the things were overwhelming for me.

That was the first rule I learned that you should learn new things for the sake of learning means you can learn game development ad then can create small ones and then ideas will strike your mind automatically and you will scale up and your happiness will be immense.

While on the other hand if you will learn things for money, impressing someone then mostly you will not be successful but something emotional pain is with you that can be your motivation too.

Children learn many things quickly because they find that thing interesting so curiosity can play the main factor too.

Take intervals between learning

I still remember I watched the full python course video for 3 hours without making any notes, and I remember every syntax and all of this but only for some days and I was even struggling for applying knowledge to real problems and people in the comments were answering questions easily while I was not and I was be like:


Well seems funny but true, and then I started web development from scratch and started to make notes but was not understanding many things because I was not taking intervals and that's why clearly suggest you take intervals because it is mandatory.

The best thing I will suggest is that you should take learning sessions for 30 minutes and 10 minutes breaks because giving rest to your brain makes it easier to remember and understand things, and this trick even applies to studies.

Gather some basic info

You should gather some basic info means a little knowledge about how things work and not and what issues beginners face and all those stuff and believe me you will really thankful because else you will get confused at many points.

This will help you because suppose if you will learn thing then you will search about the term and suppose you looking for blogging and suddenly you saw something like 'blogging is trash in 2022' and that is enough to kill your more than 50% of motivation.

I will strongly suggest that if you find some good opportunities then you should learn skills and the next topic is about that.

Giving importance and respect to skill

Now what I mean here is that you should respect what you are learning and should not learn it for things kile money or for the impression we discussed that earlier too and the other thing is important.

You should give importance to what you are learning and better be serious about it and while working without giving many gaps you should focus and you will get results, and the strong tip is that do project and practical based learning and read about other people's experiences.

In the end, I will just say that please follow these steps and never give up!


  • The conclusion of this article is that you need to follow the rules

  • Learn things for the sake of learning

  • Take Intervals and don't rush

  • Learn little before start learning

  • Give importance and show dedication

  • Don't give up easily.

I hope this will help you a lot and please give a like and drop a comment if you like it please and I will see you in the next blog.


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