Leviathan is multiple-head serpent which appears in many books like Bible, The new Testament and many other books and it also appears in Jewish mythology and Leviathan reference is also on the Psalms(book of old testament consist of sacred songs and poems) where he got killed by god and given as food to Hebrews(name for the ancient people who used to live in place known as Israel and Palestine in modern day) in wilderness. Leviathan represents envy in seven deadly sins and we have wrote about three demons before from seven deadly sins and this fourth one. There is ancient creature who used to live on Earth 12-13 million years ago named Leviathan who is ancestor of sperm whale is named on this mythical creature and Leviathan also know as Livyatan.

First reference ever

Leviathan first mentioned in ever in the Psalms which meaning is in above section and from it the particular part was 74:14 as a big multi-head serpent where it is represented as enemies of Israel people who get killed by god. In Book of Job Leviathan represented as fire-breathing crocodile which cannot be control by human it is beyond their capacity and that's why god killed it Leviathan himself and it is also represented as symbol of god's power of creation.

Why god killed Leviathan

Leviathan was the creation of god but it was killed by god himself before the creation of the world because Leviathan was thinking himself more than god and the image above you see itself represent destruction of Leviathan and if you read my previous blog posts then you will know that Lucifer and Satan were also same in the way and they were outcast from the heaven and in Leviathan story he thinks he is better than god and maybe he jealous of god because as we know he represents envy in seven deadly sins which means jealousy and thus god killed the Leviathan because he starts to lose respect towards him and get eaten by Hebrews.

Leviathan as a "ancestor of Sperm whale"

Leviathan who used to lived on Earth from 12-13 million years ago and used to measure up to 50 feet or 15 meters and it's skull used to 10 feet or 3 meters and used to weight around 57 tonnes or 57000 kilogram and it scientific name is Livyatan melvillei and one thing that "Leviathan" this term get used for mostly for mythical one while one for whale is "Livyatan" and it's common prey used to other small tooth-less whales and they extinct in miocene period which duration was 23 million years to 2.6 million years and in that period a cooling period due to which major decrease in food population takes place which killed many predators like Megalodon and this was the reason for it's extinction.

Some books to get more info about Leviathan or Livyatan

Some books to get more info about Leviathan or Livyatan are Bible which is most important and prime at all other one is the Old Testament which ranks second after Bible in our almost every blog post and then Psalms which refers first time Leviathan ever and finally the book of Job which represent every creature with its supreme powers and other creature you can find in Book of Job are Behemoth and Kraken on which I will upload blog very soon.

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