Lucifer is a name of planet Venus in Roman folklore and Lucifer is said to be as a "son of Aurora(Goddess of dawn in Roman mythology) and Cephalus(Name use for heroic figure in Greek language) and father of Ceyx(Name for the goddess of Zeus who incurred his wrath and made him angry). Lucifer mother Aurora is the blood relative of Vedic goddess Ushas means goddess of dawn in Hinduism, Lithuanian goddess Ausrine means feminine deity of Venus in Lithuanian mythology and Greek Eos means goddess of dawn in Greek mythology and these all are goddess of dawn. Lucifer is said to be as a king of hell.

First reference ever

Many Christians said that Devil, Satan and Lucifer are all the name for same figure and the first reference of Lucifer was the book of Isaiah and the particular part is 14:12 from many Christianity believers and according to it actually the Lucifer was originally a angel who broke from god authority and get outcast from heaven and in Isaiah 14:12 it is describes as "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son, of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations." After getting outcast from Heaven he changed his name from Lucifer to Satan and for many centuries Christians have argued that Lucifer disguised himself as serpent to Tempt Eve in garden of Eden and everyone of my readers may know about this story if you are not aware or want more specific information about it then I will upload a post for both Adam and Eve in single page. According to the book of revelation the it predicts that Lucifer will be tormented for thousands of years after Christ's revival. From man's creation through apocalypse, Lucifer will torment mankind as the enemy of God.

Lucifer strength and property

Lucifer who also known as devil. Many scholars has discussed about the role o devil. Scholars like Origen and Pseudo-Dionysius, shows that devil(Lucifer) as the symbol of deficiency and emptiness and entity which is farthest from divine. According to one scholar named Augustine of Hippo the realm of devil(Lucifer) is nothingness, but an real who always opposes god. The person who gave standard depiction of devil was Gregory the great actually he was the bishop of Rome who died in 3 September 590 and according to him devil(Lucifer) was the first creation of god in Christian angelic hierachy, as the highest of angels who fell far, in the depths of hell and became the leader of demons and from early reformation period the devil(Lucifer) is the very powerful and don,t have nay goodness and has a strong will of opposing god and this was about strength and for property he rules over the whole hell makes him the king of hell.

Lucifer as one of the "Seven deadly sins"

Lucifer represented pride in the "Seven deadly sins" and it has a special place. Lust,wrath,envy,gluttony,greed,sloth all are bad but it is believed that pride is a root of all evil and it is deadliest one and Lucifer represented pride because he was outcast from hell because he thought that he is equal to god and thus he still posses it against god and pride is root of all evil because of we just think things with sequence we can know that if we have more pride then we will get angered easily if anyone hurts our ego and we can easily become greedy because we want everything and so we became lazy because we thought we can do everything thus it covers sloth and if someone proves to be better than us then envy is awaiting for us and about lust with greed we would want it also as we will want everything and gluttony means excessive of limit means we will surpass our limit and then we will regret of it because our capability is not enough so "One should be never much filled with pride."

Some books to know more about Lucifer

So first one is the "book of Isiah" which refers to Lucifer first time and may be you will know something again different and it is one of the major prophets in the Christian old testament and another one is "Lucifer is not Satan" which you can easily buy on amazon and it will tell you is Lucifer Satan or not and will clear your doubt and other one is "Bible" the root of many mythical creatures no need to describe it will lead you to different spiritual and mythological world and for just fro me some anime like "seven deadly sins" and "Black clover" has strong reference of Lucifer. So that's all I hope you like this blog and get enough Information and I hope you will read books. See you again later in next blog.

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