Mammon is one of the demons from seven deadly sins and it is referred in may books like book of Testament of Bible and in seven deadly sins mammon represents greed and one thing on which humans shows their greed at top level is money and wealth and Mammon represents wealth in books like Bible and book of Testament and like Plutus is the god of wealth and money in same way Mammon is the demon and so one cannot worship both god and Mammon and there is even a famous painting named "The worship of Mammon" which was painted by Evelyn De Morgan(1855-1919) who was a English painter and about this painting we will discuss later.

First reference ever

Mammon first time reference ever was the book of Testament of Bible which we discussed in the earlier section where he represents wealth and yes another fact that Mammon this word is from post-classical Latin "mammona" which means wealth and Mammon this word is getting used from 16th century and till now for Mammon as demon of wealth and in Bible this term Mammon is use for riches means rich people and about reference the famous part of book of Testament about Mammon is sermon on the mount from Matthew and it is famous because Jesus quote is present here which is "No one can serve two masters :for either he will hate one and love the other;or else he will hold to the one,and despite other,Ye cannot serve God and Mammon" and we will discuss it's meaning later.

"The worship of Mammon" - Painting by Evelyn De Morgan

The worship of Mammon is the oil painting created in 1909 by Evelyn De Morgan and it's dimensions on canvas are height - 612mm and width - 530mm and on framed dimensions are height - 794mm and width - 694mm and depth - 45mm. Evelyn was a painter who always used to oppose spiritual beliefs and her paintings represents that only and with that her paintings was really symbolic and one famous representation of it is The worship of Mammon where she represents the desperation for wealth for human and you can clearly see there is woman in painting who is worships Mammon's statue who is demon of wealth and here this woman represents the greed of human for wealth and money and it shows that greed is yet another things which brings many things humans can't deny.

The meaning of Jesus quote

In section 2 we discussed about the one Jesus quote which was "No one can serve two masters :for either he will hate one and love the other;or else he will hold to the one,and despite other,Ye cannot serve God and Mammon" and according to it a human cannot be a true follower of two master because one will be always favorite and will be treated as more important and if you look maybe this things is true in every relation like from two parents there is always one with who we connect more and there is always a one precious friend and that kind of special relation cannot be done with other because we always have one favorite and this painting depicts that one cannot worship god and demon both because both are opposite and he will definitely chose one in mind but will play from and both sides and other thing is that he will be get kicked out by one because this is not going to be tolerated by either one of them.

Some books to know more about Mammon

Book of Testament of Bible should your first choice or your first choice in any topic should be the book where the thing you are looking for first referred ever and you can check many paintings and illustrations to know more about Mammon and also greed like the painting mentioned about we discussed in section 3 and another recommendation would be the book of Mammon which you can easily find on amazon and that's it for today.

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