Today's blog is about Medusa who is a very famous monster, and i know that probably most of you have pretty good information about so i am just uploading this blog just casually. Medusa who is also known as Gorgon is originated from Greece means Greek mythology and about her power that who ever she see turns into stone , but actually she was not like this from start but actually she has a story about how she became like that and about that you will discover in upcoming sections and it is being said that she is the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto who are gods and goddess of sea in Greek mythology and also that she was killed by Percy Jackson.

First reference ever

The first time Medusa ever referred ever was during the 8th century B.C(before Christ) and she has a deep story in Greek mythology and without a doubt she is one of the most popular figures from Greek mythology and this was first time she ever referred, but the one who made her famous was Roman author Ovid where he describes that how she was just a normal maiden but something bad happened to her and she became a monster and about that in next section.

Medusa past

Now we are going to discuss about the past of Medusa, so she was a maiden who used to worship goddess Athena who is another Greek goddess who represents war, handicraft and practical reasons and Medusa was a big follower of her and she was quite beautiful woman that time and many men were a big fan of her or rather than fan their dream girl but she rejects everyone because she was a maiden but among those many men one was Poseidon who is the god of underworld in Greek mythology and because of this rejection he was pissed off and for revenge he raped Medusa in church of Athena and even Athena was used to jealous her because of her popularity and after that all happens in her church Medusa get curse from her that she will lost her beauty and her hair will turn to snake and whoever will see her will turn to stone and thus she also become a bit of evil.

Who killed Medusa

Medusa was really strong and there was not a single warrior who could kill her and there was even a big prize on her head but anyone who tries to kill her used to turn into a stone but there was one warrior who was able to kill her and his name was Percy Jackson who somehow killed her without looking towards her hair and after that he used Medusa head for a good reason actually he used the power of it against enemies and won the battle and later described that she was more useful than harmful and he shows the result by using her head in a good way but whatever happens with her i think she was innocent, so she may deserve some respect after all.

Sources to know more about Medusa

Some sources to know more about Medusa are well first one go through Greek mythology obviously it will tell in most brief but other good source will be Percy Jackson movies which has two parts which are lightning thief and sea of monsters and about Medusa she get killed there lightning thief because rather than reading watching with emotion connects you more, so you can go with that, and that's all for today thanks for reading i appreciate that you read up to her and see you later!!

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