Mind-blowing star chrome experiment

This experiment is enough to blow your mind because you don't know a single thing about the star chrome experiment you don't understand that the universe is inside your device on which you are reading this blog now.

After reading this blog you will know how big the universe or small we are because we are nothing in comparison to the universe even if nothing is a small word we are null.

What is the star chrome experiment?

Star experiments help you to see the 119,867 stars near our solar system and I am talking about stars that are way bigger than our sun and the way it shows you all this stuff you can tell by just looking at the below images.

This image of how the universe with 119,867 stars looks in the star chrome experiment and this is pretty interesting everything is very detailed and accessing and using this is so easy and I will tell you later.

credit to Experiments with google for this image.

This image shows how the universe will look in the star chrome experiment if you will zoom out a little bit on the star chrome experiment, and here you can see stars like Vega, Kapteyn's star, Groombridge 1618, and many more.,

Credit to experiments with google for this image.

This image shows how the sun looks and if you will zoom in completely you will be able to see the sun and the more you will zoom out the more you will be able to see.

Credit to chrome.google.com for this image

How to access the star chrome experiment and use it?

You just have to search on your browser for star chrome experiment and you have to click on the first link with the URL https://stars.chromeexperiments.com and you will see something like this

This is the screenshot from my PC after reaching there you can take the tour by clicking on the top-left corner take a tour button It will make you understand everything about the universe, stars, light-years, and everything, and you can zoom in or zoom out through the right side zooming controller and 99% people are totally unaware about this so just visit and share with you friends.

One cool trick with the star chrome experiment

There is one cool trick you can do with the star chrome experiment and it is very easy you just have to zoom in quickly and you will seem like you are going more and more inside like a paradox and if you will zoom in quickly you will feel like a roller-coaster ride and I recommend to do it in dark and you will see magic.

That's all I want to tell you about this star chrome experiment this thing is simple but complicated in its way and those who take interest in this thing will definitely gain something from it a great tool for someone like to know more about the universe, galaxies, and planets and much more and I listed everything in this blog and thanks for giving your time.

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