Phoenix is a flaming bird which is quite popular mythical bird in almost every country and it even referred in series like Harry Potter and this bird is from Greek mythology and this bird is said to be immortal which alive from its ashes even if died or killed and this bird looks elegant and beautiful and with flaming orange in color as you can see in a illustration above and it is said to be that at one time only one Phoenix can exist and Phoenix represents sun and Phoenix origin country is Egypt and how Phoenix dies this is a bit of confusion because some says it dies within burning flame or just like normal being and it is believed that Phoenix brings good luck, prosperity, peace, harmony and it is also symbol of rebirth because it shows immortality.

First reference ever

Phoenix originally belong from Egypt as we discussed before and it also refers in Greek folklore or folktale and it is referred there as that Phoenix is a immortal bird and can live up to 500 years and at a time only one Phoenix can exist and before Phoenix death they lay eggs and after one other one takes place and Phoenix is get compared with ancient city of Rome which were one of the most dominant empires ever and you can see what is the reputation of Phoenix and it is get said that Phoenix nest is full of spices and many other things and always set on fire from which new one born from the previous one to dust and flew away to Heliopolis which is known as city of fire and get reach to the temple of god of sun in Egypt and this all about reference and mentioned in Egyptian mythology from its origin country.

Only thing can kill Phoenix

You may wonder that how Phoenix can be killed but there is thing Phoenix seems to weak and that is nothing other than iron which is one of the most highly presented metals on planet Earth and because Phoenix is a fire bird so it may get oxidizes with iron which make Phoenix vulnerable to iron and if one have weapon made up with iron so it can be killed but sometimes I wonder does Phoenix have any damage towards other metals like Gold, Silver etc because they are more reactive if you know something then please message me with contacts or through comments and though Phoenix is immortal even then he have weakness which you are known now but I don't think that Phoenix will attack on anyone innocent so just chill against this flaming bird.

Phoenix powers and abilities

So Phoenix is not only a bird with immortality it has many other powers too which can be quite dangerous like superhuman strength and speed, telepathy means ability to control things without touching it, healing means they can heal themselves and any other ones and they can heal any injury and can even make you immortal, they are Pyrokinesis means they can control fire on their will and can turn anyone to ashes in split second and it has many powers and maybe iron over reacts with Phoenix flame than any other igniting material that's why it effect him.

Sources with reference of Phoenix

Phoenix is quite a celebrity and get mentioned in many series, movies and books also and one of the famous series is Harry Potter which we discussed before and the fifth part of Harry Potter named as Harry Potter : order of the Phoenix (2007) so it may help you to know more but don't forget to watch other parts and in anime series named Pokemon which is quite famous all over world has mentioned Moltress Pokemon as a legendary fire bird Pokemon which is quite similar to Phoenix and through Egyptian, Greek and Indian mythology books you can get even more information, and this all about today and thanks for reading.

New series opening

Actually after finishing seven deadly sins I quickly start a new series which is going to consist five fire mythical creatures and demons and begin with Phoenix, because it is quite popular and, again there are four more and just wait because I will do my best to provide you valuable and quality content, and until then relax and stay safe!

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