Today's blog is going to be the special one because this will be our first Olympian god blog and so let's begin. Poseidon is a Greek god of sea and also the brother of Zeus, and it is said to be that he is the most short-tempered or bad-tempered Olympian god and can get pissed of quite easily and you will know that about his temper if you will read my Medusa blog which i uploaded recently before this and you will not believed it but there is a anime named Record of Ragnarok where it depicts that there were 13 Olympian gods but the 13th one get killed by Poseidon due to some family matters and his existence vanished and it is said to be that he is father of Percy Jackson who killed Medusa and with sea Poseidon also rules over underworld, horses, storms and earthquakes.

First reference ever

Taking about the first reference of Poseidon actually he got referred in story of Medusa and the reference of Medusa began in 8th century B.C and because 12 Olympians are major deities in Greek mythology they should be more older and maybe 4000 years old assumption is correct. By the way for your info the Greek mythology originally developed from stories told in Minoan civilization which is quite old more than 5000 years old. In Greek mythology appearance depicted with his body like a normal man and he has a weapon called the trident makes him able to use his powers and he is really muscular and sometimes it gets tough to tell him if he is really brother of Zeus but in some illustrations you will see lower part of Poseidon like fish and that's all about it.

Importance of the trident

Importance of the trident is very high because this weapon shows the power of Poseidon over sea and with this weapon he can easily either brings or can stop casualties likes Tsunami and helps him to control sea and in stories you will also find that he uses trident on many occasions and scenarios like he used his trident to strike the rock upon the hills of Acropolis(famous monument of Greece in Athens) to produce a well of seawater and thus lead to the fight between him and Athena for Attica(region of central Greece) where he lost and he used his trident to dry out the and so they will always short for water, and this is the importance of trident for Poseidon.

Who is more stronger Zeus or Poseidon

According to mythology Zeus rules over thunder or lightning while Poseidon rules over sea and they both said to be the strongest among the all Olympians, so it is worth to know that who is stronger. Zeus rules over thunder which has elemental advantage towards Poseidon due to his water element and Zeus is even older brother and in gods rank of birth decides many things and many times you will find Zeus overpower Poseidon, but i think if they fought then maybe Poseidon is more short-tempered he may able to use his power in case of anger and may overpowered Zeus in battle because Zeus will have hard time because he will need time to bring his power and here who know there temperament may matter, but i would like to know that what you think.

Some sources to know more about Poseidon

There are many interesting sources to know about Poseidon and again you should go with books and records and other recommendations will be the anime Record of Ragnarok actually it may not teach you much but the entertain you will get will be immense pleasure and it has only 12 episodes and there is even a movie named Poseidon from Hollywood you can watch and there are even Percy Jackson movies. I think with knowledge even entertain matters and that's why sources i recommend most consist of movie series and anime shows, and that's all for today, i appreciate you read up to here, and see you later!!

New series announcement

Today i am starting the series on Olympian gods which will consist again 11 blogs, and i hope you will read them and will appreciate them, and they help you to learn more, and you will continue with me even in future and don't forget to give your thoughts about my blog, and thank you again!!

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