Samael is the third one for our ongoing series of five mythical creatures and demons with fire element and Samael is an highest rank angel (archangel) described in Talmudic which is the central text and it is a main source of Jewish mythology and religious law. I hope by reading this you understand Samael originally belong from Jewish mythology. Samale is very knowledgeable and even represents guidance, protection to everyone under law and other than archangel but primarily he is known as accuser and by this means it is often said that Samael is Satan who is one of 7 seven deadly sins, Seducer and destroyer and by perfect word 'Masshit' which means destroying angel which is term belongs to Hebrew Bible and the way he is related to fire element is that he is known as Satan and Satan actually represents fire and Samael is known as one of four princes of hell with fire element and other three are Azazel represent air, Azael represents water and finally Mahazael represents Earth. I wanted to tell you that in many books different demon lords are mentioned and this four are base on elements.

First reference ever

As discussed before Samael refers in Talmudic and we discussed the meaning of it and he belongs from Jewish mythology and he is quite well known and in different regions in different countries and in different languages he is known by different name and and on some internet sources you will get to know that he was first refers ever during the second temple period after it's destruction and he even refer in story of Adam and Eve and now the biggest thing you need to know that it is even being said that Samael was name of Lucifer before he became a demon and we know the story of Lucifer so and he also known to be Satan so maybe it can be true.

Is Samael angel or demon

It comes to mind whether he is angel or demon well according to many sources you will know that apparently he was demon but later he filled with pride and went in oppose to God and outcast and he is know as accuser which refers to Satan and also is is being said that Samael was name of Lucifer before became demon and after all that the conclusion comes that he was an archangel and he used to represents guidance and protection and law but soon he became proud of it and you know he need to pay a price and thus he became demon and even became one of seven princes of hell but i would like to know that he is also from one of four princes of hell who get represent through element so then how he related to Satan and Lucifer I think he became a lord of hell and then further got position in both places but what do you people think. Please tell me!

More about Samael

Samael is a demon who is not only related to Lucifer and Satan but a bunch of demons and many other things too like he is related to Adam and Eve and because it is said to be that he is spouse of Lilith means Eve in sense and we will discussed about someday when I will upload ab blog on them and with that both Samael and Lilith are parallel to Adam and Eve and Lilith known to be as first wife of Lucifer and no need to tell further about relationship of Samael and Lucifer and after all that just one thing that why there are so many names of only one demon like Lucifer, Satan, Samael and which one should considered to be original one. I like personally Satan and you people tell about you!

Some sources to know more about Samael

Some sources are to know about Samael are primarily books and because he got refereed in many holy books you have good to chance that from one of your religious book you may get know about it. First one is Hebrew Bible which is holy book of Jewish people and then Quran which is the holy book of Islamic people and there are plenty books on shopping sites like Amazon where you will find books on many topics related to Samael and terms realted to him. So that's for day and I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading. See you later!

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