Satan which is mostly known as a devil and also sometimes get called Lucifer in Christianity last time I upload a blog on Lucifer and there was debatable question that is Lucifer Satan and now in this blog I cover up all aspects so it is common thinking in the Abrahamic religion (Group of people ho worship god of Abraham mostly include Judaism, Islam and Christianity) that Satan lure the people towards sin, falsehood and other false things and Satan is also known as Lucifer it will not be wrong to say that the origin of Satan is same as Lucifer which you can read in my previous blog of Lucifer in first section. He is seen as fallen angel who rebelled against God so it is similarity between Satan and Lucifer and there is another name for Satan which is Jinn.

First reference ever

Satan first reference was in the Hebrew Bible where he was prosecutor in heaven and prosecutor means the one who proves that criminal has preformed the crime and in book he was subordinate of Yahweh who is the national god in Judah and ancient Israel and in Heaven Satan used to test loyalty of Yahweh followers and due to the influence of Zoroastrian which is a religion in Iran he develop a strong opposition towards God and Yahweh give the Satan the power over the fallen angels to temp the humans to perform sin and to punish then and this reference was even in above section if would know if you have read it carefully and Satan reference is also in Islamic book Quran as "Shaitan" which means devil.

Satan as serpent

Serpent is a creature which is occurs in both Hebrew Bible and New Testament(second division of biblical cannon) and the serpent is often considered as Satan and the story begins from the garden of Eden which was created by god and Adam and Eve were first human ever and they have got everything in there but there was one prohibition that not to eat fruit of knowledge and wisdom but Satan where in garden as serpent and it is said that he lure the Eve and she ate the fruit and thus a taboo takes place and Adam and Eve get kicked out from garden of Eden and it gel believes that god first created man and then woman but Satan always opposes the god that's why he deceived woman instead of man and he said to Eve that "You will become god after eating it and you will be divine. " and rest of it you know they get kicked out from garden of Eden and it is believed that Eve is first wife of devil and known as Lilith and I will upload blog on it also.

Is Satan only so called Lucifer

Well I do believe that Lucifer is only so called Satan because both are known by common name devil and both are as king of hell and both stories are same which is biggest aspect that both are outcast from heaven because they tried to became equal to god and there is not a single book where it is written as Lucifer get outcast first or Satan it is just like you will reach to conclusion that either they are parallel or they are same but they both are one of seven deadly sins and don't know why they represent two different things as for your reference Lucifer represent pride while Satan represent wrath(anger) but maybe devil represent every sin so it is not big thing that Lucifer represents pride and Satan wrath. Si final conclusion I believe they are one.

Books to know about Lucifer and Satan difference

There is one book you can use to know more about that Satan and Lucifer are same or not and that book is available on amazon and book name is "Lucifer is not Satan" and if you read that book please tell me what is in there through my contact page because it is created for that only and I will be grateful and you read books like "Bible" to know more about Satan and other holy religious books like "Quran".

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