Today's blog is going to be different because this is first time on this website where blog is getting publishing on a god rather than any demon or mythical creature, and so now begin. Vulcan or Vulcanus is a Roman god of fire, metalworking, craftsmanship and even volcanoes and he also known as Hephaestus which is his another name in Greek mythology, and it is believed that he was either the son of Zeus and Hera or he was Hera's parthenogenous child which means he was created without any sexual act and he even married to Venus who is goddess of many aspects in Greek mythology like love, sex, fertility, love, beauty and many more, and most of them are womanly, love-related or charm.

First reference ever

Vulcan reference is from ancient Roman mythology and it is hard to know first references of god because people used to worship them from very long time but if we are talking ancient Roman mythology then Roman empire was founded on 27 BC so maybe around 2050 years ago or before you can consider the first reference of Vulcan. It is depicts that Vulcan always has a hammer with him as you can see in image because he is god of metalworking, craftsmanship means basically god of blacksmith and a one shocking fact that because Vulcan is also the god of many destructible things like volcanoes that's why his temples are made outside of the city near safe place and Vulcanal is the oldest shrine of Vulcan which is situated in Rome which was made in 8th century.

Interesting story of Vulcan and Venus

As we discussed before that Vulcan married Venus who was also a Roman goddess but there is one interesting story related to them which we are going to discuss in this section. When Vulcan married Venus after some time Venus built a workshop for him so he can do his craftsmen work and all those stuff under Mount Etna and it whenever Vulcan used to get angry from Venus he used to beat red-hot metal with such a force creating volcanic eruption and it means that time all the volcanic eruption get used to happen by these couple quarrels(lol) and thus it shows why he is god of volcanoes, craftsmanship and metalworking and it is said that Venus has most volcanic eruptions than any other planet due to Vulcan's power.

Skills of Vulcan

Vulcan is god of metalworking and crafts so it is necessary of him to be creative and he is an really creative because he has created many weapons and stuff with Cyclops his one-eyed giant friend he made the thunderbolts of Zeus known for his superiority and weapons for Hercules known for his awesome strength and even armor for Achilles who is known as one of the greatest warriors of Greek mythology, and creating weapons for one of 12 Olympian gods is not a small deal and on them also I will make series.

Sources with reference of Vulcan

Vulcan is mostly shown in Greek mythology obviously but that's not only a thing he is even referred in DC comics and even get referred in Marvel who is the brother of X-men Cyclops and Havok and always many things named on Vulcan like companies, bike and so on and in name of Vulcan even festival is held on 23rd August known as Vulcanalia, and that's was all about Vulcan or Vulcanus, hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.

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