Zhurong is the god of Fire in Chinese folklore and he has quite interesting background and story that we will discuss later. There are many temples of Zhurong and specially in Beijing where you can visit them. It is believed that Zhurong taught the humans that how to use fire and it is also believed that he live in Kunlun mountain which are one of biggest mountain ranges of China and it has height of more than 3000 meters or 3 kilometers and this god is pretty short temper or basically easily get annoyed after all he is god of fire and it is said to be that he has a body of beast and human face and he rides on dragon which you can see in image, though there are some anime where Zhurong is shown quite differently and even in some games.

First reference ever

Zhurong first reference come from China because it is a Chinese god and if we are talking about more specific then year would be sufficient and Chinese mythology started to begin from 12th century B.C.E(before Christ era) or B.C(before Christ) means in other words it is thousand of years old to be precise over 3000 years old maybe. Zhurong is quite well known god and it is believed that he taught humanity to how to use fire under and he was under Yellow Emperor who is sovereign deity of China also known as Huangdi and Zhurong have many temples but do you know that his story eventually begins from humanity but not from realm of god and how you will know about it in next section.

Zhurong past and history

Zhurong story is quite interesting well some legends often said that he was born as a son of tribal leader and he was built with a strong built like he was tall and strong and with it he was born with red face it means he was really short temper as we discussed in first section but he was very smart and he discovered that how to produce fire from wood and then he started to use fire for many purposes like for cooking. as a light, for protection against animals and even heating and then he started to know as a 'God of Fire' and it is believed that he taught humanity to use fire and that's why he think he may had some followers who were travelers and spread this techniques in name of him and made him famous but that's what only I think.

Chinese spacecraft named over Zhurong

Do you know that there is a spacecraft named over Zhurong and it is a quite special one because it was the first rover to land on another planet which was launched by China and that's made it special and it was launched on 23 July 2020 and enter in orbit of Mars on 10 February 2021 and it has max speed of 0.2 km/hr or kilometer per hour and right now it is on Mars and has covered 1.65 miles or 1.85 kilometers and still continue, but i want to ask you that do you think Zhurong name plays a major role here?, you can answer me with your reason.

Some sources to know more about Zhurong

Talking about sources to know more about Zhurong or any other Chinese gods i think it would be best to visit their temples or shrines or whatever because there maybe some sources can give you more info like their priest or may be of there are some paintings and illustrations and then there are books all the time and there are some Dongwa means Chinese anime which can tell you more about it, and that's all for today thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it and see you later.

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